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Managed IT

Make the most of your technology while refocusing on business goals. Today’s technology landscape evolves rapidly, and many companies struggle to keep up with advancements, often leading to inefficient processes that present obstacles to growth. In addition, a lack of internal experience with emerging technology can lead to inconsistent spending and improper resource utilization. For these reasons, many companies are leveraging a managed services strategy to enhance technology investments and refocus internal employees to critical business initiatives.


InnovativeIT is our Managed IT Services offering to help small to medium sized businesses manage and maintain their IT operations through outsourced and hosted services. All managed and maintained by the Innovative Network Solutions.

Systems Management

  • Monitoring, updates

Network Management

  • Monitoring, security

Data Management

  • Data and systems backup and recovery

Software Management

  • Licensing, patching, management

Asset Management

  • Warranty management, procurement


  • Licensing, procurement

IT Consultation

  • Security, reporting, guidance, project planning


Technology is the focal point of nearly every business today.  In this technological world and through the use of computers and applications we are able to compete and conduct business.  However, the need for Physical, Network, Host and Application Security is becoming more and more important.  Businesses need to reduce their risk.  This is accomplished through a defense in depth, or multilayered approach.  We must implement safe guards to protect our data, our reputation, and our future.  


Innovative will help identify your assets and design the policies tailored to your business needs. Once completed we will build a security platform that includes assessing, validating, remediating, and monitoring for security events and threats.  Some of our services are listed below.

Physical Security

  • Card Access Systems, Alarms, Surveillance Cameras

Cyber Security

  • Identify, Assess, Remediate, Harden

Cyber Awareness

  • User Awareness Training, User Testing 

Policy Creation and Documentation

  • Identify Assets, Identify Risk and Build Policies 


Cloud solutions are incredibly valuable today because they enable small businesses with limited infrastructure and staff to access affordable tools that help them do business and grow. If you’re a small business owner considering a transition to the cloud and/or how cloud solutions for small businesses could benefit yours, it’s useful to begin with an understanding of what the cloud is.  Learn how we you can add the most value.

As your IT partner, we align technology to meet your specific needs and growth goals. We will work with your organization and determine if cloud services can accelerate your business and improve your bottom line.

Our cloud experts work closely with your organization to ensure a smooth deployment and that your cloud application services are set-up according to best practices. From selecting the right cloud-based application, to assessment, deployment, and user adoption, we can assist your organization with getting the solution up and running quickly and efficiently.


Your phone system is a critical part of how you communicate with your customers. An antiquated phone system could be costing you time, money and customers.

We deliver enterprise-grade hosted voice over IP features and award-winning voice quality with industry-leading reliability via the cloud.

Now, the best Hosted PBX features are both accessible and affordable. Innovative Technology Group brings you the power of an enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of traditional costs.


Our plans include Hosted PBX controls, award-winning voice quality, and top-rated customer service. Your local dial-tone, long-distance, voicemail, and all of our advanced PBX features come standard in every plan.


Making sense of new and emerging technologies can be a daunting task. Without clearly defined strategies that align with your business goals, it can be challenging to get the most from your technology investments.

At Innovative Network Solutions, our consultants are experienced at identifying business requirements and aligning network technologies to support and achieve corporate goals. Backed by a dedicated support team, we can partner with you to develop a technology road map that ensures your network, data, application, voice and video solutions will fit your organization’s needs today, and scale up as your organization grows and evolves in the future.

We combine proven methodologies, built upon a proven framework of standards with decades of field experience and industry knowledge, and present ideas that help you extract maximum value from your technology resources. We provide complete consulting services for our clients and facilitate a fundamental rethinking and redesign of your network environment to achieve dramatic results in performance.


Innovative is a premier cabling and technology company specializing in voice, data, audio, video, camera, security, and structured cabling. We are the solution to all your business and residential cabling needs. We are a C2 Nevada licensed and bonded contractor for your worry-free project implementation.

Innovative will support all your technology needs, whether adding one data drop, outfitting an entire call center, adding a simple coax cable outlet, cabling the home entertainment center you always wanted or converting a room into a fully operational office. Our highly trained technicians provide professional installations, ensuring that your cabling and electrical needs are met.

  • Structured Cabling

  • Electrical

  • Access Control

  • CCTV

  • Alarm Monitoring

  • Home and Business Automation

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