We have been working very hard to support our clients during the COVID-19 lockdown and we are humbled to receive such fantastic praise. Do you feel the same way about your current IT support company?

If you are looking for a new perspective on your technology systems, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your organization’s current situation and what you  would like to see from your technology partner.

Here is what some of our clients had to say…

"A Day of Change - A Day to Recover


Ever wake up, head into to your office, and hear the Governor of your state dictate that your non-essential business must close or work from home? Neither had we, but that is exactly what happened on March 17, 2020 when the COVID-19 Corona Virus hit. Having a Financial Services call center with over 50 employees, that for the sake of our business, had to go remote immediately or we could lose clients to our competition that could.  Fortunately, we were already partnered with Innovative Network Solutions {based in Henderson Nevada}. With one phone call they were able to able initiate our Business Continuity Plan activating our VPN connections to our Remote Desktop Services and mobilized additional laptops {which we did not have} and made them available to our staff within a few short days. There was zero downtime and we were at full capacity in about 72 hours. It saved our business. “INS is a great company and better partner when having to rely on someone for your IT and other Network Solutions”.


Jim Snead, President

Flying “A” Information Resources

"Our organization of about 200+ users and multiple office locations needed to go remote within a week. INS assisted in getting all users the ability to log into the respective remote environments quickly and efficiently. Insuring that not only would our employees be able to work from home via VPN but also ensuring the security of our various companies’ data. Even continuously assisting in end user support to those that run into issues connecting."


Chris Lockhart


"Innovative Network Solutions assisted Lochsa Engineering to transition quickly to Remote operations during the current Covid-19 crisis. Innovative assisted in quickly ramping up our Remote Access capabilities with our employees to enable them to work from home. This transition included remotely assisting employees at their home with any difficulties that arose. Innovative Network Solutions performed their service professionally for the needed assistance in this transition period. Lochsa Engineering will continue to use Innovative and absolutely encourage other businesses to do the same."


David S. Peterson, P.E, S.E, Principal

Lochsa Engineering

"Innovative was fantastic in helping us switch our office to primarily working remotely. We made the decision quickly, and they were able to respond just as quickly to make sure everyone was able to work right away. Every single person in our office had issues getting their printers to work, but Innovative was able to help them remotely and make sure things were working. They also made sure our data is secure with everyone accessing the office remotely, which is especially important with a law firm.”


Laura A. Deeter, Esq.