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Automation is becoming the future of personal technology.   Controlling cameras and security systems is where home automation got the high tech start and is now expanding to everyday life conveniences and life safety systems.  Innovative has created systems large and small to control lights, music, climate controls, security and surveillance.  We know how to expand automation systems to fit your lifestyle and enhance your quality of life.

Innovative offers the ultimate in residential and commercial automation solutions by optimizing the products and systems you already have and use every day along with the new additions you desire.  By consolidating everything from theater, climate control, music, lighting, surveillance, and security, a smart house or building by Innovative creates a personalized experience that enhances your quality of life, improves security, and situational awareness.

Through our Control4 and Lutron partnerships we are able to leverage some of the market leaders in automation controls.  Utilizing them as the backbone to our automation system, we are able to integrate and build drivers to encompass everything from a smart self-feeding fish tank, to a smart home that wakes up the way you do. Why not have the house open the blinds, adjust the thermostat to a comfortable level, perhaps turn the TV or sound system on to your favorite news or music source, and check the weather?  All of this, of course, can be controlled from your mobile device, so why not pre-heat the oven on your way home for that perfect dinner,  As one can see the possibilities are truly endless, and the system can be programmed to nearly whatever your imagination can dream up.

Let’s move from your smart home to you smart business.  Let the automation or building control system alert you to temperature controls outside of defined thresholds, and execute the proper escalation procedures. Through the integration of lighting controls, motion and light sensors, adjust the lights based on occupancy and light levels.   Perhaps, be alerted to when your staff arrives, or the office opens by text message.  Again, the system can be designed and built as needed, desired, and imagined.  Through automation controls and Innovative, we can make you more efficient, aware, informed, and improve your quality of life.

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Residential and Commerical Automation