Managed cloud

Managed cloud lets you tap the power of the cloud for your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing it yourself.

Unlike other cloud providers, Innovative only offers managed solutions. From ecommerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud, our specialists will architect, run and support all of your cloud workloads 24x7x365.

Audio, Video, Lighting & Much More


Music at Your Fingertips

Dedicated Home Theater
Design a jaw-dropping home cinema that rivals any
cineplex by incorporating immersive high-fi delity audio,
high-defi nition video, best-in-class surround sound, an
enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customized
lighting to complete the experience.
•Watch video from multiple sources, including media
players, hard drives and portable devices—or browse
through them all simultaneously.

• Hide all of your equipment in a closet and control
everything with a single, easy-to-use remote or elegant
touch screen.

• Enjoy smart lighting throughout the room that dims when
you press “play” and ramps back up when you press “pause.”

• Incorporate special lighting features, like pathway lights
and starry-night ceilings.

• Control your whole home from the theater, including
adjusting the room temperature or seeing who is at the
front door, without leaving your seat.

Audio, Video, Lighting & Much More

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Control4 Audio Solutions

Control4 Audio Solutions

Access your entire music library or favorite music streaming service from
the palm of your hand with Control4. Stream high-fidelity sound to every
room in your home, or just to the rooms you choose. Enjoy your personal
music collection from your smartphone or tablet, or stream services
including Pandora, Spotify, Beats, Rhapsody, and SiriusXM, and thousands
of free Internet radio stations throughout the house. With Control4®
audio solutions, it’s easy for everyone in the family to access the music
they want while enjoying it anywhere in the house, instantaneously!

Control4 System Components:


4-Room Audio System

• HC-250 Controller
• Wireless Music Bridge
• 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier

8-Room Audio System

• HC-250 Controller
• Wireless Music Bridge
• 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier

Additional Components:

• Pair of speakers for every room
• iOS or Android mobile device with the Control4 app
 • At least one Sonos Connect or Fusion Research Streamer for
access to as many as 40 streaming music services

Easy one-touch entertainment

Your dinner guests are arriving. How about a way to quickly set the mood, giving different areas of
your home unique dimension with varying levels of light to highlight your artwork and furniture?
From a Control4® Portable Touch Screen, simply select “Entertain” to commence the music and
establish the perfect mood lighting in the lounge. Meanwhile, select the “Movie” scene in the
theater to turn off lights around the screen and lower lighting just above the theater seating so your
company can settle in before the film begins.

We have the best entertainment options

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Master control in every room

 master control in every room

Your kids work hard all day to turn on every light in the house. Now you can turn them all off in one
touch, right from your bedside table—or even your smart phone. A “Goodnight” scene turns off all
lights in the house and ensures that exterior lights are turned on to keep unwanted visitors at bay.
If your little ones wake in the middle of the night, smart motion sensors will trigger a path to the
bathroom or kitchen, automatically. Pre-set at 30%, the lighting path will be suitably soft and
sufficient with no need to walk from room to room in order to flip a switch.
Lighting can even be used for an added level of assurance. If you hear a suspicious noise, one
touch of the “Panic” button activates every light in the home while flashing exterior lights.


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